Partners and Principals

This is the list of our partners and principals that working with us


Riverbed Technology is a technology company that specializes in improving the performance of networks and networked applications, with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Riverbed helps information technology organizations to have the flexibility to host applications and data while helping to ensure that applications perform as expected, data is available when needed, and performance issues are detected and mitigated as quickly as possible


AppDynamics, Inc. is an American privately held application performance management (APM) company based in San Francisco, CA. The company focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center.Specializing in complex, distributed environments, the company currently supports Java, .NET and PHP applications, and offers both a Software-as-a-service or an on-premise deployment.


Peplink is the leader in Internet load balancing and VPN bonding solutions. Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. Our complete product line includes models for business of all sizes, and provides an award winning Internet experience for customers. Peplink believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better Internet. That’s why customers around the world depend on Peplink.


MOBIS-ICT can also deliver full tailor made Mobile Solution solutions for any kind of sectors like Oil & Gas, Government and Insurance companies.
Based on the requirements, we always start with the delivery of a functional design. After approval we will build and test the solution. After client acceptance, we will roll out the solution into production.
We prefer to work according to an Agile approach. This iterative way of developing solutions will give the client more flexibility and guarantees a higher client satisfaction.


We partner with local, national, and international IT system integrator company to deliver the benefits of our solutions to their clients. For more information on Partners Systems Integrator that specializes in your area of business, see our list of partners below.