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Who is Extrahop?  


Wire data is the broadest and richest source of insight available to IT organizations. Because of this, leading industry analysts recommend prioritizing wire data when creating an IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) strategy. ExtraHop’s stream analytics platform makes wire data fast and simple.

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 Why ExtraHop

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is an approach to IT operations data that allows you to understand and make decisions about your IT environment. ITOA applies Big Data principles to your IT environment so you have a broader context—and clearer operational intelligence—about what’s happening in your organization.

Link to IT Operations Analytics – https://www.extrahop.com/platform/itoa/

 Link to Big Data – https://www.extrahop.com/community/blog/2016/it-operations-analytics-itoa-big-data/

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 What  is Wire Data ?

Wire data comprises L2-L7 data spanning the entire application delivery chain. Through real-time full-stream processing, unstructured data is reassembled into structured wire data that can be analyzed in real time and mined for insights to strengthen an IT operations analytics (ITOA) strategy.

Link to Wire data – https://www.extrahop.com/platform/what-is-wire-data/

How it Works

Learn how ExtraHop  works and how it can support your company

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Datasheets, Whitepapers, and Analyst Reports

Download authoritative resources on ExtraHop and the broader performance monitoring and IT industries.

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Customer Stories

Learn how your peers are using ExtraHop to solve IT and business problems and drive profit for their companies.

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Reference Library and helpful Webinars

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See ExtraHop in Action

Explore the interactive demo to see how quickly you can find insights that move your IT environment—and your business—forward.

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