Application Analytics

Unlock actionable business insights. Answer meaningful questions. All in real-time without code changes.

Business impact analytics

Understand which users had trouble checking out of your ecommerce application during an outage and what products were in their cart so your marketing team can execute a win back campaign.
Collect unstructured business data in real-time

Business operations monitoring

Investigate where in a complex telecom business process a particular transaction is stuck so you can update the customer and initiate the fix.
Search, analyze, dashboard and alert on any application data point

Performance analytics

View outlier transactions in your ecommerce application and how performance is trending over time to proactively tune the end user experience.

Customer analytics

See how your customers are using your SaaS product to help drive customer enablement and prioritize development efforts.

Automatic business context propagation

Automatically apply business context to operations metrics to cut down on manual correlation and configuration effort.

No code changes required

Extract data from dynamic application environments without having to constantly update static application data models in logs.

Real-time analysis

Gain up to the minute views into your business without having to rely on batch processing which could take days or weeks to load.