AppDynamics focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center.

AppDynamics, Inc.
is an American privately held application performance management (APM) company based in San Francisco, CA. The company focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center.[1] Specializing in complex, distributed environments, the company currently supports Java, .NET and PHP applications, and offers both a Software-as-a-service or an on-premise deployment.

History and Founding

AppDynamics was founded in April 2008 by current CEO Jyoti Bansal, a former lead software architect at Wily Technologies, a provider of application performance management technology. Bansal formed AppDynamics in response to the kinds of APM tools he had seen in the industry, which were tailored towards the demand of monolithic applications running on top of the traditional IT architectures. Such monolithic applications were becoming less common in the face of emerging, increasingly distributed architectures built with Service-Oriented Architecture principles.

Bansal felt that in order to perform in these new environments, APM tools needed to not only provide visibility into the application as well as code-level detail into specific issues, but also have the ability to dynamically act based upon what the software is able to learn about the application’s overall health and performance.Doing so would allow application owners to be more agile and better respond to rapid code releases, keeping up with their counterparts in development who were already following an agile software development philosophy.Another goal was to enable large-scale cloud monitoring, where companies with sizable deployments might need thousands of cloud-based nodes monitored — such as at Netflix, which uses AppDynamics to monitor its public cloud deployment.

Application Performance Management

Instrument and visualize your large-scale applications automatically without changing a single line of code. Tag, trace, and dynamically baseline your business transactions at code-level as they traverse distributed environments. Proactively identify and fix production application performance issues in real-time. Get up and running across thousands of servers within days, not weeks or months. Learn More

Application Analytics

Gain actionable business and IT operations intelligence into your applications, infrastructure, and end user experience. Query the dataset to answer business-critical questions. Visualize and explore the information associated with your applications to uncover insights that provide a competitive advantage. Learn More

Database Monitoring

Monitor key performance metrics like top users, programs, SQL, objects, etc. Inspect execution plans for slow SQL to isolate and repair performance bottlenecks. Generate alerts when database performance deviates from normal behavior. Learn More

Server Monitoring

Observe the health of your hardware with granular machine-level metrics. Eliminate false positive alerts with dynamic baselines. Tie infrastructure performance to application performance and end user experience to drastically reduce troubleshooting work. Learn More

Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Understand device and user behavior for iOS and Android applications. Determine how crashes and app performance trends vary by region, device type, carrier, and operating system. Correlate mobile app performance with backend service performance. Learn More

Browser Real-user Monitoring

Understand where end user latency on the browser originates – pages, AJAX requests, 3rd party resources – so you can focus your optimization efforts. Know your end user demographics. See how front-end performance corresponds to backend services. Learn More